HDS Laser Scanning Surveys

The introduction of the Laser Scanner to the surveyors equipment list has taken building surveys to another level.Ellam Land Surveys use the latest FARO™ scanner and it's associated equipment, this speeds up the time spent on site and in turn brings down the cost to the client, and the disruption to the occupent of the property is kept to a minimum.

Whether you require floor and roof plans, ceiling plans or sectionsof the building, once the initial visit has taken place and the scanner has captured the data, these can be drawn in AutoCad™ to produce accurate plans tailored to your needs. If it's just a pure point cloud you require to undertake your own modeling this also can be supplied.

To speed up the process of producing plans etc from the point cloud, Ellam Land Surveys have invested in a fantastic piece of software from FARO™ called VirtuSurv™. This allows us to produce millimeter accuracy from the scan data rather than the conventional 'slicing' which is not as accurate.

Check out the following link showing what VirtuSurv™ can achieve : https://faro-3d-software.com/CAD/Products/VirtuSurv/index.php

You can find examples of HDS Laser Scanning Surveys in the Gallery.

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