Boundary Surveys

Boundary Definition :-

“A boundary is an imaginary line which marks the confines or line of division between two contiguous estates” and “The surveyor’s role in boundary definition is to re-establish boundaries on the ground where it was intended that they be when originally created.”

Ellam Land Surveys are here to help with any Boundary Survey problem, whether it be a dispute with your neighbour over the boundary seperating the two properties or just simply the re-astablishing of a boundary

We will attend site and using our surveying equipment will survey the area in question, take back to the office your title deeds and/or conveyance plans and begin to map out your land and plot on the boundary in question.

If the client requires us to mark out the boundary on site we will return and accurately peg it out.

Typical Garden Boundary Survey in Shelley, Huddersfield

Typical Garden Boundary Survey in Shelley, Huddersfield

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